Sunday, August 14, 2011

Freedom cries out for self discipline

Freedom is a commodity that is so fundamental that most of us that live in the "free world" can not imagine being without it. Freedom, however has a cousin, and her name is "self discipline," without self discipline, freedom is often hazardous to ones health. Freedom allows an individual to make decisions and choose according to their own volition, an individual that does not possess some basic principles of  "cause and effect" is more likely than not to find themselves in some pretty precarious predicaments. I often listen to a reporter of the news and hear where someone had too many drinks and proceeded to operate their vehicle being impaired, the individual had the freedom to drive to the establishment to make their purchase of the alcoholic beverage, they had the freedom to consume their purchase at the establishment, or not, the individual had the freedom to get behind the wheel of the automobile and make an attempt to go to point "b," but where did self discipline enter into the picture that has been so vividly portrayed? She is absent ,self discipline, demands of those that possess freedom to take her along, for without her, it is likely there will be a ruinous affair.Self discipline is the thing that unite common sense, reasoning and prudent. There are two others that are in this family, namely accountability and responsibility. A not so distant cousin of all that has been discussed here is, consequence, we know and understand that there are favorable  consequences and then there are adverse  consequences. To remain a people with freedom at our front, we must strive to have  self-discipline in our arms, for without her we are apt to have our freedom taken from us and have someone controlling us, thereby making self-discipline no longer relevant.